Year 5 "My Mate Fancies You" - Loudmouth Theatre Group

Year 5 recently enjoyed a visit from the Loudmouth Theatre Group, who performed a production and hosted a workshop titled "My Mate Fancies You".

The visit from the Loudmouth Theatre Group was an engaging and educational experience for our students. The production and workshop focused on the important themes of puberty and growing up, aiming to provide accurate information, promote understanding, and encourage open dialogue among the students.

During the performance, the talented actors from the Loudmouth Theatre Group presented relatable scenarios and situations related to puberty and growing up. The production was designed to address the physical and emotional changes that children may experience during this phase of their lives, emphasizing the importance of self-care and healthy relationships.

Following the performance, the students participated in an interactive workshop facilitated by the theatre group. This workshop provided a safe space for our students to discuss their thoughts, ask questions, and explore the topics covered in the production. It encouraged open communication and helped dispel any misconceptions or anxieties the students may have had regarding puberty and growing up

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