Pioneer Centre - March 2023

During the trip, Year 5 children took part in a variety of outdoor activities including raft building, zip lining, abseiling and caving. These activities were not only great fun but they also challenged the children both physically and mentally. It was wonderful to see them pushing themselves out of their comfort zones and encouraging one another to do the same

Raft building was a particular highlight for many of the children as they worked together in teams to construct a sturdy and seaworthy vessel. It was heartening to see them collaborate, communicate and problem solve as they set out on the water in their handmade crafts.

The zip line provided a thrilling and memorable experience for all, as the children flew through the air with the greatest of ease. Many were initially nervous, but with support from their peers and the instructors, they were able to conquer me rears and have an amazing time

Abseiling and caving were also popular activities, as the children navigated their way through tight spaces and descended steep rock faces. It was a fantastic opportunity for them to test their bravery and perseverance, and many of them surprised themselves with what may were capable of achieving.

Throughout the trip, the children demonstrated excellent behaviour and attitude They were respectful polite and cooperative and a credit to both themselves and the school lam sure that they have returned home with many happy memories and stories to share with you.

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