This year anti- bullying week took place on the week commencing the 14th November. Anti-Bullying Week is an annual UK event which aims to raise awareness of bullying and to highlight ways of preventing and responding to it. This year the theme was ‘Reach Out’, which aimed to empower children to understand the harm and hurt that bullying causes. We started the week by all wearing odd socks. This was to embrace the fact that we are all different in a range ways; we can accept people making fun of anyone else because of these differences and actually we need to celebrate them. Throughout the week the children at Roberts Primary School were involved in different activities to celebrate this week. Some of which included designing stamps to spread the word that bullying is not accepted at our school. Some classes designed socks which promoted the idea of embracing differences. Some of us wrote letters to imaginary characters offering help and support to children who had bee victims of bullying. Our children have most certainly got a shared view point that bullying will not be accepted and they have a really good grasp of what to do if they or indeed someone else they know is being bullied.

What the children said ……….

“Antibullying week is very important. Bullying can effect anyone at any age and we are all responsible for tackling it!”

“This week we have worn odd socks to show that everyone is unique and different. We all have different talents, different likes and dislikes. We all look different but we are all important and special.”

 “We have made stamps to spread the word around the world that bullying is not acceptable! Mine has the reach out theme on it. It is a hand reaching out for help and support.”

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